Turkey Day! Really?!?!?

November 20, 2020 in Kid's Corner

Tom, the turkey, is a little anxious about the upcoming holiday as you can imagine. He uses a Bible verse and a friend to help him calm down.

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Rally Day 2020!

September 13, 2020 in Kid's Corner

Link to register for Sunday School HERE.

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Morti Reads About Noah’s Ark

May 10, 2020 in Kid's Corner

Will the animals ever settle down and sleep after they get on the ark? Be sure to watch after the book is read to see all the pictures.

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Lucy Learns About Joy

April 27, 2020 in Kid's Corner

Lucy and Pastor Jennifer find joy in playing peek-a-boo. Pastor Jennifer is reminded of the two disciples who found joy when they recognized Jesus. See Luke 24.

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Edna Learns Peace

April 19, 2020 in Kid's Corner

Edna learns “Peace be with you” in HandSpeak from Pastor Jennifer. You can learn it too!

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Lucy Reads an Easter Story

April 12, 2020 in Kid's Corner

Lucy reads a pop-up book about the whole Easter story from the time that Jesus rose from the dead until the disciples are filled with the Holy Spirit. Be sure to keep watching after the story ends and explore the pictures with Lucy.

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Family Easter Devotional

April 10, 2020 in Devotions, Kid's Corner

Looking for an Easter family devotional? Here is one you can use, complete with activity pages and a children’s worship bulletin. While you stream the Easter service on Sunday, your child can enjoy using the bulletin and activities in addition! Family Easter Devotional → More family and children resources can be found HERE. Use password SSAH20.

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A Message from Harley

April 5, 2020 in Kid's Corner

Harley the Donkey sends his Palm Sunday greetings with a song!

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5 Ways to Pray With Kids

April 3, 2020 in Devotions, Kid's Corner, Lent

As we approach Holy Week in these uncertain times, it can be comforting to pray. While many may feel more comfortable praying on our own in silence, it is so important to pray with children.  Family prayer offers intentional time together connecting with one another while speaking to God. It allows children to share their […]

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