The wedding of a Christian man and woman is, like all liturgies of the Church, a service of praise and worship of God for all that God has given us.  A bride and groom are married, not by themselves, but in the presence of God in a worshipping community which supports them in their life together.  Christ is to be kept at the center of all weddings.  We ask that you keep this in mind as you plan your wedding.

Some other things to keep in mind…

  • Before you set a date for your wedding, contact the Church Office to check on the availability of the building and one of the pastors.  Ideally, this should be done at least six months before the wedding date.
  • A copy of our Wedding Packet can be obtained from either pastor.  Simply introduce yourself after any worship service and request a wedding packet.  In our Wedding Packet you will find guidelines for planning your wedding here at St. John’s, including information about fees, a registration form,and a general timeline for handling matters concerning your wedding ceremony in a timely manner.  Also included in our wedding packet is a brochure regarding Marriage Preparedness Classes offered by Lutheran Congregational Services (see below for more information).
  • The presiding minister will be one of the pastors of Saint John’s, one of whom you may specifically request, or one will be assigned to work with you.  Friends or relatives who are clergy are welcome to take assisting roles in the liturgy.
  • Our Minister of Music, the Reverend Janice Butz, is the organist for weddings here at St. John’s.  We suggest that you meet with Rev. Butz early in the process before you have decided on music.  She will be happy to assist you in choosing music that is appropriate for the Christian nature of a Lutheran marriage ceremony.  If you wish to use another organist, they must be approved by the Minister of Music for their suitability on our instruments.  St. John’s can also supply either vocalists or instrumentalists, should you so desire.  You may provide a soloist and/or instrumentalist in consultation with Rev. Butz, who will also give guidance in the soloist’s choice of music.
  • Marriage Preparedness Classes are offered through Lutheran Congregational Services in Allentown, and held at various churches in the Lehigh Valley. You will want to register for the classes as soon as possible, as they fill up quickly.  Please Note: These classes are REQUIRED for all weddings performed by our pastors; there are no exceptions.  For more information about the Marriage Preparedness Classes, please visit the Lutheran Congregational Services website.