Ministry Teams

Altar Guild

The members of St. John’s Altar Guild work to ensure that all things necessary for the proper conduct of worship are in place. Their duties include the care of the altar linens and other liturgical items such as the Eucharistic vessels, elements, vestments, candles, and small furnishings for the altar. Communion preparation is performed by members on a rotating basis. Contact: Jocelyn Starner, 610-759-3205

Church Council

This group of twelve members is elected by the congregation to meet the challenges of maintaining a thriving and dynamic church.  Church Council oversees the life and activities of the congregation.  They meet once each month to make the many decisions governing the day to day operations of our church.  The Christian Education, Day Care, Endowment, Evangelism, Family & Youth Ministry, Finance, Helping Hands, Love-A-Lot, Personnel, Property, Social Ministry, Stewardship, and Worship & Music committees each have Council representatives who report to Council.

Christian Education Executive Board

The Christian Education Executive Board’s mission is to provide education, which encourages a deep Christian understanding of our faith and to make personal faith relevant in today’s world. The SundaySchool covers all ages from Nursery (age 2) through three separate Adult classes (SEARCH, GRACE, and Adult Bible). In addition to Sunday School, the Christian Education Executive Board sponsors a number of special programs throughout the year, such as Rally Day, 3rd Grade Bible & 7th Grade Hymnal Distributions in church, the annual Christmas Program, the Palm Sunday Procession Donkey Walk, and financial assistance to Bear Creek Campers. Contact: Lois Davis, Superintendent, (Enable Javascript to see the email address)

Columbarium Committee

The Committee oversees the administration and maintenance of the Columbarium. The columbarium is a designated place to keep the cremated remains of deceased loved ones. The Columbarium at St. John’s provides a serene, peaceful place in a reverent atmosphere for those cremains. Family members are free to visit anytime. If you would like to purchase a niche, please contact the Church Office at 610-759-3090.

St. John’s Lutheran Day Care

The fully licensed Day Care provides a safe and loving environment for our community’s children.  While in their care, the Center’s personnel strive to provide a positive and nurturing atmosphere where our children can grow and develop their learning and social skills.  Happiness and laughter are essential ingredients of their philosophy. The Day Care operates every Monday thru Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and handles from infant (6 weeks) thru school age (children attending first grade thru age 11).  Contact: Lisa Todd, Director, 610-759-4999 or check out their website at

Evangelism Committee

Reaching out to new members, communicating the news of the church, and encouraging all members to proclaim the good news, this committee oversees numerous outreach efforts.  The Stated purpose of the Evangelism Committee is “to welcome and connect with others” and “to share the Gospel with others and encourage them to do the same.” One of the many activities this committee performs in this regard is the connection with and support offered to new members.  Contact: Elsie Frey, 610-759-3115

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for the administration of the operating expenses of the church. Their activities, to name just a few, include the preparation of the annual budget, review of monthly reports from all organizations operating within the church, arranging for an annual audit of all organizations’ books, examination and approval of any expenditure not specifically budgeted for, and the regular review of the status of funds available versus expenditures pending.  Contact: Bruce Shafer, chairperson, through the Church Office.

Grief Committee

Our purpose is to provide a hot meal for the family of a deceased member. Members of the committee take an entrée, salad, vegetable, potato or pasta, and dessert. Each one delivers their contribution to the home the night before the service at a time convenient for the family. Contact: Doris Koehler, 610-759-3801

Helping Hands

Helping Hands is a group of volunteers of our church and the community who decided to do something to help people whose houses were severely damaged by hurricanes, floods, tornados, etc. Each year we look into where we will be needed the most. There are places that are far away and other places that are in driving distance. At times we work along with Habitat for Humanity in building new homes and rehabilitating those that are damaged. If there are any problems at church we help with painting, repairing, cleaning, etc. If you are interested in hearing more about our organization, you are welcome to come to one of our meetings on the second Tuesday of each month.

History Committee

Our mission is to document and review any church artifacts and pictures we have every year to preserve the history of this congregation. We meet one hour per month to review what events have occurred, document them, and then store the information and pictures so future generations will be able to continue with the storied history of St. John’s. No prior experience is needed.  Contact: Scott Keller or Melissa Jones though the Church Office.

Katherine Von Bora Society

The Katherine Von Bora Society has a long history of service at St. John’s. Their dedicated members take great care as they prepare and serve meals and refreshments for many of our congregational activities andspecial events such as the annual Congregational Luncheon, Anniversary Luncheon, Stewardship Dinner, funeral luncheons, Sunday School Teachers Appreciation Brunch, and receptions.

Ladies Aid Society

Members meet every Tuesday to create lovely hand-made quilts, and donate profits to the church.  Contact: Elda Mae Jones, 610-746-1397

Love-A-Lot Nursery School

Started in 1985, Love-A-Lot Nursery School is a non-profit preschool located in Saint John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. Designed as a community service, our preschool provides a developmental program in an informal atmosphere for three and four year old children. Both classes are held 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. (M/W/Ffor the 4yo class and T/Th for the 3yo class) with an optional lunch bunch from 11:30 – 1:00 p.m. for the4yo class. Contact: Sarah Ellis, Director, 484-293-0720

Media Ministry

The Media Ministry’s mission is to provide the church with the best possible sound system available for each Sunday service as well as requested special services and with any video request to accompany a service. The Media Ministry’s mission is to ensure a recording is made weekly of one church service for the Shut-In list and delivered in a timely manner. Media Ministry assists with all other committee requests for sound set-up throughout the year. Contact: Lois Davis, Media Team Asst., (Enable Javascript to see the email address)

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee is charged with making recommendations to the Church Council regarding: the hiring and retention of employees, both ordained and lay; assisting the Pastor(s) in supervising all current employees; conducting employee evaluations; drafting job descriptions; and creating and implementing employee policy and procedures. Contact: Nancy Little and Andy Herbster, chairpersons, 610-759-6414.

Property Committee

The Property Committee is responsible for overseeing the maintenance, operation, use and repair of the church, Fellowship Hall, Parsonage, and apartments. This service encompasses all phases of construction, electrical work, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, landscaping, and snow removal in the winter. The committee is looking for volunteers to help with the care and maintenance of our church.  Contact: Jeff Daniels, chairperson, at (Enable Javascript to see the email address)

Social Ministry

Social Ministry is responsible for raising the social consciousness of our congregation to make us aware of the physical, social, economic, political, and spiritual human condition.  They work for positive social change by providing the means to take action in our church, our community, and our world.  Their projects include the Blanket Sunday Weekends, the annual Christmas Ingathering, Souper Bowl Sunday, summer vegetable sales, hosting the annual Banquet of Song Concert, and Support Our Troops collections.  Their goal is to be of assistance to those in need who are less fortunate, and to give hope and peace to those who are weary. Contact: Jackie Wolf, 610-759-8609

Stewardship Ministry Team

The Stewardship Ministry Team guides the congregation on their faith journey in growing, developing, and advancing the use of the many gifts with which God has blessed us. Each year the team selects a theme designed to inspire and enhance our understanding of stewardship living and giving through biblical references and practical applications. Specifically, the annual Volunteer Recognition Weekend, Stewardship Dinner, and Stewardship letter are designed to raise awareness of the active volunteer Stewardship Ministry within St. John’s and the need for support through the sharing of our time, our talents, and our possessions.

Worship & Music Committee

The Worship & Music Committee is responsible for planning our worship services and coordinating ushers, greeters, lectors and acolytes for two Sunday morning services and one Saturday evening service each week.  They do the same for the seasonal festival services and occasional services such as the Alternative Worship.  They also arrange for seasonal decorations such as the Lenten and Easter crosses, the Harvest Home displays, and dedicated floral arrangements such as the Easter lilies, Memorial Day geraniums, and the poinsettias at Christmas.  This group handles the maintenance of the musical instruments and choral needs.  There are six Choirs at St. John’s:  Creation, Celebration, Chalice, Chancel, Philethia, Festival Choir.  The Men’s Chorale and Women’s Chorale gather for special events.

Youth, Education, Outreach Endowment Trust

The Youth, Education, Outreach Endowment Trust was established to promote those particular ministries for St. John’s. Funds from bequests and gifts are invested; the earnings are used to fund numerous activities and ministries – support community charities for the homeless and less fortunate of God’s people, seminary programs, and flood and earthquake relief; education seminar expenses for church staff, council persons and committee members; youth activity financial assistance, Bear Creek campers’ fees, and national church youth gathering support, to mention a few. Gifts and bequests to the YEO Endowment Trust become a legacy that gives back; a stewardship ministry that keeps on giving, year after year. Contact the Church Office for more information.