Welcome To St. John’s Lutheran Church

Welcome to Saint John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, located in historic Nazareth, PA. We are pleased that you have found our website and would like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit with us soon. While you are here, please visit our web pages to learn about us and the things God is doing at Saint John’s.

Saint John’s Lutheran Church was established as a union church in 1859. Over the next fourteen decades, Saint John’s roots spread deep into the limestone rich earth and its trunk grew strong. The congregation flourished under the nurturing of eleven dedicated and gifted pastors who encouraged the laity to develop leadership skills.

We give thanks to God for our rich history, our magnificent building, and the legacy of faith handed down by those who have gone before us. We also give thanks for our life together at Saint John’s today.

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We invite all members of St. John’s to take the following survey. It is less than 10 questions, and lets us know how you are accessing information as well as what kind of information you appreciate having. There is one question that will ask you what you wish the greater Nazareth community knew about St. John’s that it doesn’t currently know.

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